Masks of Color is a puzzle platformer, currently a work in progress. Use the power of the masks to pass through objects and platforms of the same colors. Enjoy the hand-drawn environment and character, as well as the unique mechanics-- the ability to phase through like-colored pieces in the environment.



  • Horizontal Movement  -  a & d / left arrow & right arrow
  • Jump  -  Spacebar
  • Change Mask Colors  -  Right Mouse
  • Reset  -  F5


A game by Allison Antisdel and Alex Cline created for the Weekly Game Jam #131.  While it was incomplete by the end of the jam, we have decided to continue further with it.

Development log


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The concept is great! Looking forward to playing some puzzles.

I just have one suggestion - perhaps you could pause the physics in the background when player opens the color selection wheel.  This would allow for some cool mechanics like jumping up through a platform and then switching color to land on it.

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I wanted to try it while I was making it. I had a similar idea to slow time as well and see what each feels like.

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