A downloadable game for Windows

Linked Together is a simple 2D platformer where the player can switch between Blue robots in order to progress through the level.


A - Move left

D- Move right

Right Click - Switch between your current robot and the robot your mouse cursor is over.

A brief recap of the development for this:

For whatever reason, everything just happened all at once during jam. Work, family and friend responsibilities, Unity lagging to a crawl, my internet shitting itself ever 10 minutes (this is not a joke btw, my internet has been going in and out for several days now). I knew that I wouldn't be able to do much for this jam just because I was really busy, but I'm not super happy with how it turned out. I may or may not make a video about its development ( I record whatever I worked on when I remembered to) and it'll be added to this page if/when that happens.

When with all of this, I had fun doing this jam. I've been taking a break since my college semester has ended and this was at least something to get me back into doing things.

Install instructions

Download and Unzip and you should be good to go.


LinkedTogether.zip 26 MB

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