Controls: Use A and D buttons or arrows to move.  Use E to interact. Press M  or the Button at the top right to Toggle Music.
Tip: let the dialogues finish in their own pace.
Secret Controls: 1-7 Keys *Meow*

After being fed up with the noise humans make when hanging out together, the evil plague cat unleashed a curse that can only be passed on through human touch. To stop it from spreading, the mayor ordered everyone to isolate themselves, but it´s starting to affect the villager´s morale. Is there any hero who can stop the evil curse and bring back the love?

Part of the Ubisoft Game Jam 2020


  • Taking Notes - Make your game also function as a musical instrument.
  • Universal - Make your game child-friendly (7 and under).


Alex Cline

Cindy Neugebauer

Mufi (Meow Actor)

Sofia Sabarini

Christian Kiep

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