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Bad Boiz All Around is a 2D space shooter where a players controls a space fighter against the "Bad Boiz". Fly around space using blasters and shockwave to defend yourself as long as possible against the oncoming "Bad Boiz". There's no way out, the only question is how many you'll take down with you.


This game was developed as a project for my sophomore game design class at Bradley University.


Team Members:
Alex Cline - Team Lead, Game Designer, Programmer
Gregory Blevins - Game Designer, Programmer
Maria Isabel Giordano-Scott - Game Designer, Artist


Bad Boiz All Around.zip 26 MB

Install instructions

Unzip it, then  open the executable. Just so you know, your anti-virus may through a fit, but I promise there's no virus. 


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Cool game but it starts lagging really bad when your score gets above 60 or so.

(1 edit)

Yeah, that's something that we had an issue with towards the project. I believe object pooling might have fixed the issue, but it was too late to implement it by the time I learned of it.

Edit: I'm glad you thought it was cool. Did you enjoy the strawberry space cows? :p

Is that what those things were? It was all moving too fast for me to tell :)

Check the read me :p

You forgot the .exe file. 


no u